Saturday, January 21, 2012

I Robot Classic Collection Dvd Box Set Unboxing

I, Robot (2004) Also Known As: Yo, robot
PG-13 115 min - Action | Mystery | Sci-Fi - 16 July 2004 (USA)
In the year 2035 a techno-phobic cop investigates a crime that may have been perpetrated by a robot, which leads to a larger threat to humanity.

Directed by Alex Proyas
Writing credits
Jeff Vintar (screenplay) and
Akiva Goldsman (screenplay)
Jeff Vintar (screen story)
Isaac Asimov (suggested by book)

Cast in credits order ;
Will Smith ... Del Spooner
Bridget Moynahan ... Susan Calvin
Alan Tudyk ... Sonny (voice)
James Cromwell ... Dr. Alfred Lanning
Bruce Greenwood ... Lawrence Robertson
Adrian Ricard ... Granny (as Adrian L. Ricard)
Chi McBride ... Lt. John Bergin
Jerry Wasserman ... Baldez
Fiona Hogan ... V.I.K.I.
Peter Shinkoda ... Chin
Terry Chen ... Chin
David Haysom ... NS4 Robot / NS5 Robot
Scott Heindl ... NS4 Robot / NS5 Robot
Phillip Mitchell ... NS5 Robot (uncredited)
Ian A. Wallace ... NS4 Robot / NS5 Robot (uncredited)
Travis Webster ... Guy with a Pie

It's 2035 A.D., where robots are everyday objects and are programmed to live alongside humans. Detective Del Spooner is called out to investigate the apparent suicide of the scientist behind these robots, Dr. Alfred Lanning. Spooner suspects that the death might not be a suicide, but the result of one of the robots. All robots are programmed by three laws, but Spooner starts to wonder if a robot can in fact feel emotions, and possibly murder. But if Spooner's suspicions are true, he is going to have a hard time convincing everyone.

he Three Laws of Robotics as written by Asimov are: 1) A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm; 2) A robot must obey orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law; and 3) A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law. In later stories, Asimov proposed a "Zeroth" law which was as follows: A robot may not harm humanity, or, by inaction, allow humanity to come to harm. A condition stating that the Zeroth Law must not be broken was added to the original three laws. The Zeroth Law isn't featured in the movie by name, but it is crucial to the plot. VIKI has derived the law for herself and decided to implement it, regardless of humanity's wishes or consent.

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