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Full Metal Jacket 25th Anniversary Blu-Ray Digibok Review Unboxing

For Full Blu-Ray Information; Full Metal Jacket (1987) R 116 min - Drama | War - 26 June 1987 (USA) Directed by Stanley Kubrick Writing credits Gustav Hasford (novel "The Short Timers") Stanley Kubrick (screenplay) & Michael Herr (screenplay) & Gustav Hasford (screenplay) Cast (in credits order) verified as complete Matthew Modine ... Pvt. J.T. 'Joker' Davis Adam Baldwin ... Animal Mother Vincent D'Onofrio ... Pvt. Leonard 'Gomer Pyle' Lawrence R. Lee Ermey ... Gny. Sgt. Hartman (as Lee Ermey) Dorian Harewood ... Eightball Kevyn Major Howard ... Rafterman Arliss Howard ... Pvt. Cowboy Ed O'Ross ... Lt. Touchdown John Terry ... Lt. Lockhart Kieron Jecchinis ... Crazy Earl Kirk Taylor ... Payback Tim Colceri ... Doorgunner Jon Stafford ... Doc Jay (as John Stafford) Bruce Boa ... Poge Colonel Ian Tyler ... Lt. Cleves Sal Lopez ... T.H.E. Rock Gary Landon Mills ... Donlon Papillon Soo ... Da Nang Hooker (as Papillon Soo Soo) Peter Edmund ... Pvt. 'Snowball' Brown Ngoc Le ... VC Sniper Leanne Hong ... Motorbike Hooker Tan Hung Francione ... ARVN Pimp Marcus D'Amico ... Hand Job Costas Dino Chimona ... Chili Gil Kopel ... Stork Keith Hodiak ... Daddy D.A. Peter Merrill ... TV Journalist Herbert Norville ... Daytona Dave Nguyen Hue Phong ... Camera Thief Duc Hu Ta ... Dead N.V.A. Martin Adams ... Parris Island Recruit and Vietnam Platoon Kevin Albridge ... Parris Island Recruit and Vietnam Platoon Del Anderson ... Parris Island Recruit and Vietnam Platoon Philip Bailey ... Parris Island Recruit and Vietnam Platoon Louis Barlotti ... Parris Island Recruit and Vietnam Platoon John Beddows ... Parris Island Recruit and Vietnam Platoon Patrick Benn ... Parris Island Recruit and Vietnam Platoon Steve Boucher ... Parris Island Recruit and Vietnam Platoon Adrian Bush ... Parris Island Recruit and Vietnam Platoon Tony Carey ... Parris Island Recruit and Vietnam Platoon Gary Cheeseman ... Parris Island Recruit and Vietnam Platoon Stanley Kubrick ... Murphy (voice) (uncredited) Vivian Kubrick ... News Camera Operator at Mass Grave (uncredited) David Palffy ... Mass Grave Soldier (uncredited) John Ward ... TV Camera Operator (uncredited) Produced by Jan Harlan .... executive producer Michael Herr .... associate producer Philip Hobbs .... co-producer Stanley Kubrick .... producer Original Music by Vivian Kubrick (as Abigail Mead) Cinematography by Douglas Milsome (lighting cameraman) Film Editing by Martin Hunter A pragmatic U.S. Marine observes the dehumanizing effects the Vietnam War has on his fellow Marine recruits from their brutal boot camp training to the bloody street fighting set in 1968 in Hue, Vietnam. Marines Semper Fi Wars combat action boot camp drill sergeant crazy awesome boxes documentary Tags; Stanley Kubrick Full Metal Jacket 25th Anniversary Blu-Ray Digibok Review Unboxing War Vietnam movie movies reviews film dvd dvds blu ray blu-rays Warner bros brothers home entertainment Private Joker Gomer Pyle collection overview pickups update haul complete digibooks steelbook war action best top 10 20 50 100 all time ever boxes documentary vlog

VHS Horror Movie Review - Found Footage Anthology

VHS Trailer; V/H/S (2012) R 116 min - Horror | Thriller - 11 October 2012 (Greece) When a group of misfits is hired by an unknown third party to burglarize a desolate house and acquire a rare VHS tape, they discover more found footage than they bargained for. Directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin (as Radio Silence) David Bruckner Tyler Gillett (as Radio Silence) Justin Martinez (as Radio Silence) Glenn McQuaid Radio Silence Joe Swanberg Chad Villella (as Radio Silence) Ti West Adam Wingard Writing credits (in alphabetical order) Simon Barrett writer Matt Bettinelli-Olpin writer David Bruckner writer Tyler Gillett writer Justin Martinez writer Glenn McQuaid writer Radio Silence writer Nicholas Tecosky writer Chad Villella writer Ti West writer Cast (in credits order) Calvin Reeder ... Gary Lane Hughes ... Zak Adam Wingard ... Rock Hannah Fierman ... Lily Mike Donlan ... Shane Joe Sykes ... Patrick Drew Sawyer ... Clint Jas Sams ... Lisa Joe Swanberg ... Sam Sophia Takal ... Stephanie Kate Lyn Sheil ... The Stalker Drew Moerlein ... Joey Brenner Jason Yachanin ... Spider Helen Rogers ... Emily Chad Villella ... Chad Matt Bettinelli-Olpin ... Matt Tyler Gillett ... Tyler Paul Natonek ... Paul Nicholas Tecosky ... Bartender Nicole Erb ... The Girl John Walcutt ... Cult Leader Bilal Mir ... Cult Dude Damion Stephens ... Cult Dude Koz McRae ... Cult Dude Eric Curtis ... Eric Nicole Boccumini ... Niky Lisa Marie Thomas ... Lisa's Friend Melinda Fleming ... Melinda Rob Mosca ... Bouncer rest of cast listed alphabetically: Kentucker Audley ... Rox Elizabeth Davidovich ... Hot Ass Girl Norma C. Quinones ... Wendy Kat Slatery ... Hot Ass Girl #1 Angelyn Pass ... Featured Extra (uncredited) Film Editing by Joe Gressis Production Companies Bloody Disgusting Collective, The Distributors Magnet Releasing (2012) (USA) (theatrical) Eagle Films (2012) (Non-USA) (all media) (Middle East) Epic Pictures Group (2012) (Non-USA) (all media) Special Effects Behold 3D Creature Company Fantasy Creations FX A POV, found footage horror film from the perspective of America's top genre filmmakers. A group of misfits are hired by an unknown third party to burglarize a desolate house in the countryside and acquire a rare tape. Upon searching the house, the guys are confronted with a dead body, a hub of old televisions and an endless supply of cryptic footage, each video stranger than the last. Tags; VHS Horror Movie Review V/H/S Found Footage Anthology Pov movies reviews film Ti West scary scariest gory goriest top 10 20 25 50 100 all time greatest best ever dvd dvds blu-ray blu ray blu-rays update haul pickups bestbuy exclusive oop rare collection overview complete entire remake trailer new newest Halloween Radio Silence roommate prank goes wrong slasher alien aliens exorcism creature supernatural predator ghost ghosts vlog "Blu-ray Disc (Film Format)"

Chariots Of Fire Blu-Ray Digibook Review & Unboxing

For Full Blu-Ray Information; Chariots of Fire (1981) PG 124 min - Drama | History | Sport - 9 October 1981 (USA) Two British track athletes, one a determined Jew and the other a devout Christian, compete in the 1924 Olympics. Director: Hugh Hudson Writer: Colin Welland (original screenplay) Cast (in credits order) Nicholas Farrell ... Aubrey Montague Nigel Havers ... Lord Andrew Lindsay Ian Charleson ... Eric Liddell Ben Cross ... Harold Abrahams Daniel Gerroll ... Henry Stallard Ian Holm ... Sam Mussabini John Gielgud ... Master of Trinity (as Sir John Gielgud) Lindsay Anderson ... Master of Caius Nigel Davenport ... Lord Birkenhead Cheryl Campbell ... Jennie Liddell Alice Krige ... Sybil Gordon Dennis Christopher ... Charles Paddock Brad Davis ... Jackson Scholz Patrick Magee ... Lord Cadogan Peter Egan ... Duke of Sutherland Struan Rodger ... Sandy McGrath David Yelland ... Prince of Wales Yves Beneyton ... George Andre Jeremy Sinden ... President - Gilbert & Sullivan Society Gordon Hammersley ... President - Cambridge Athletic Club Andrew Hawkins ... Secretary - Gilbert & Sullivan Society Richard Griffiths ... Head Porter - Caius College John Young ... Reverend. J.D. Liddell Benny Young ... Rob Liddell Yvonne Gilan ... Mrs. Liddell Jack Smethurst ... Sleeping Car Attendant Gerry Slevin ... Colonel John Keddie Peter Cellier ... Head Waiter - Savoy Stephen Mallatratt ... Watson Colin Bruce ... Taylor Alan Polonsky ... Paxton Edward Wiley ... Fitch Philip O'Brien ... American Coach Ralph Lawton ... Harbor Master John Rutland ... Caius Porter Alan Dudley ... Caius Manservant Tommy Boyle ... Reporter Kim Clifford ... Sybil's Maid Wallace Campbell ... Highland Provost Patrick Doyle ... Jimmie (as Pat Doyle) David John ... Ernest Liddell Tess Dignan ... Schoolgirl (as Teresa Dignan) Ruby Wax ... Bunty Michael Jeyes ... Footman David Kivlin ... First Scots Boy Eddie Hughson ... Second Scots Boy Gayle Garyson ... Minor Role Rosy Clayton ... Linda Wallis Sue Sammon ... Minor Role Carole Ashby ... Linda Boyland Linda Wallis ... Minor Role Sara Roache ... Doreen Sloane Paul Howard ... Alan Lorimer Steve Ambrose ... James Usher Linda Boyland ... Minor Role Michael Lonsdale ... Garth Jones Doreen Sloane ... Minor Role Peter Jones ... Leonard Mullen Graham Brooke ... Paul Mahoney Alan Lorimer ... Minor Role Dave Turner ... Phil Tait The D'Oyly Carte Opera Company ... The sequence from 'The Mikado' James Usher ... Minor Role Garth Jones ... Minor Role Leonard Mullen ... Minor Role Paul Mahoney ... Minor Role Phil Tait ... Minor Role rest of cast listed alphabetically: Kenneth Branagh ... Cambridge student - Society Day crowd (uncredited) Lorraine Daniels ... Pitti-Sing in 'The Mikado' (uncredited) Mark English ... Policeman (uncredited) Stephen Fry ... Singer in 'H.M.S. Pinafore' (uncredited) Stephen Marzella ... Undergraduate (uncredited) Roberta Morrell ... Peep-Bo in 'The Mikado' (uncredited) Robin Pappas ... Clare (uncredited) Derek Pringle ... Captain of Cambridge Athletic Team Original Music by Vangelis (as Vangelis Papathanassiou) Cinematography by David Watkin (director of photography) Tags; Chariots Of Fire Blu-Ray Digibook Review Unboxing Warner Bros brothers home entertainment cd soundtrack sampler special collector's edition disc reviews movie movies sports religion olympics game games olympic running collection overview complete haul pickups update dvds blu-rays blu ray dvd score academy award best picture top 10 20 25 50 100 all time ever greatest awards Hugh Hudson Vangelis

They Live Blu-Ray Artwork -Blu-Ray News

Pre-order; They Live (1988) R 93 min - Action | Horror | Sci-Fi - 4 November 1988 (USA) A drifter discovers a pair of sunglasses that allow him to wake up to the fact that aliens have taken over the Earth. Director: John Carpenter Writers: Ray Nelson (short story "Eight O'Clock in the Morning"), John Carpenter (screenplay) Cast (in credits order) verified as complete Roddy Piper ... Nada Keith David ... Frank Meg Foster ... Holly George 'Buck' Flower ... Drifter Peter Jason ... Gilbert Raymond St. Jacques ... Street Preacher Jason Robards III ... Family Man John Lawrence ... Bearded Man Susan Barnes ... Brown Haired Woman Sy Richardson ... Black Revolutionary Wendy Brainard ... Family Man's Daughter Lucille Meredith ... Female Interviewer Susan Blanchard ... Ingenue Norman Alden ... Foreman Dana Bratton ... Black Junkie John F. Goff ... Well Dressed Customer Norm Wilson ... Vendor Thelma Lee ... Rich Lady Stratton Leopold ... Depressed Human Rezza Shan ... Arab Clerk Norman Howell ... Blonde Haired Cop Larry J. Franco ... Neighbor (as Larry Franco) Tom Searle ... Biker Robert Grasmere ... Scruffy Blonde Man Vince Inneo ... Passageway Guard #1 Bob Hudson ... Passageway Guard #2 Jon Paul Jones ... Manager Dennis Cosmo Michael ... Male News Anchor (as Dennis Michael) Nancy Gee ... Female News Anchor Claudia Stanlee ... Young Female Executive Christine Anne Baur ... Woman on Phone (as Christine Baur) Eileen Wesson ... Pregnant Secretary Gregory J. Barnett ... Security Guard #1 (as Gregory Barnett) Jimmy Nickerson ... Security Guard #2 (as Jim Nickerson) Kerry Rossall ... 2nd Unit Guard Cibby Danyla ... Naked Lady Jeff Imada ... Male Ghoul Michelle Costello ... Female Ghoul rest of cast listed alphabetically: Jeb Stuart Adams ... Homeless kid (uncredited) Jennifer Austin ... Teenage Girl (uncredited) Michael Forino ... Ghoul at Bar (uncredited) Robert V. Greene ... TV Technician (uncredited) Helen Kelly ... Woman at the Dinner Party (uncredited) Al Leong ... Asian Revolutionary (uncredited) Tommy Morrison ... Dave - Resistance Fighter (uncredited) Norman D. Wilson ... Newspaper Vendor (uncredited) Original Music by John Carpenter Alan Howarth Tags; They Live Blu-Ray Collector's Edition shout scream factory Halloween John Carpenter Carpenter's Sci-Fi Horror Action News poster limited edition pre-order oop rare collection overview top 10 20 25 50 100 all time ever review reviews movie movies film zombie alien aliens social commentary update pickups dvd dvds blu-rays blu ray artwork artist the dude designs awesome cool product Roddy Piper WWE WWF wrestler Keith David Meg Foster talk discussion Tom Hodge vlog

Hell Movie Review - Post Apocalyptic Movie

Trailer ; Hell (2011) R 89 min - Horror | Sci-Fi | Thriller - 22 September 2011 (Germany) Directed by Tim Fehlbaum Writing credits Tim Fehlbaum (screenplay) & Oliver Kahl (screenplay) & Thomas Wöbke (screenplay) Cast (in alphabetical order) Hannah Herzsprung ... Marie Stipe Erceg ... Tom Lisa Vicari ... Leonie Angela Winkler ... Bäurin Lars Eidinger ... Phillip Michael Kranz ... Micha (voice) Lilo Baur ... Französin Anne Sarah Hartung ... Sophia Christoph Gaugler ... Brückner Yoann Blanc ... Sohn Micha Nino Böhlau ... Flori Tammo Winkler ... Toni Dieter Hilpmann ... Gefangener Ellen Schweiger ... Oma Marco Calamandrei ... Franzose Luca Winkler ... Jens Lutz Pretzsch ... Anton Hans-Peter Recktenwald ... Flüchtiger Produced by Roland Emmerich .... executive producer Stefan Gärtner .... co-producer Ruth Waldburger .... co-producer Gabriele Walther .... producer Thomas Wöbke .... producer Original Music by Lorenz Dangel Cinematography by Markus Förderer Film Editing by Andreas Menn In the not too distant future, people struggle to survive their greatest enemy, the sun. Tags; Hell Movie Review Horror Post Apocalyptic movies reviews film Bright German The Road best top 10 20 25 50 100 all time ever greatest collection overview steelbook Blu-Ray Dvd Dvds Blu-Rays Blu Ray pickups update haul 2016 cannibals cannibal google hulu Criterion heat hot hellish review part trailer new remake foreign cinema films Germany vlog

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Blu-Ray and Dvd Reviews and Recommendations; Camelot 45th Anniversary Blu-Ray Digibook , The Divide Blu-Ray/ Dvd Combo pack,Frontline Go-ji-jeon Blu-Ray Dvd Combo pack, That 70's Show Season 1 Blu-Ray, Bob's Burgers Season 1 Dvd For Full Blu-Ray Information; Like my new facebook page :p ...if you wanna Website ; My Twitter, follow me;!/TheJaySwick Camelot 45th Anniversary edition Blu-Ray Digibook The Divide Blu-Ray / Dvd combo pack That 70's Show Season 1 one Blu-Ray 4 disc set complete first Bob's Burgers Season 1 Dvd Frontline Go-ji-jeon South Korean film war drama epic Director: Hun Jang Writer: Sang-yeon Park Stars: Ha-kyun Shin, Soo Go and Seung-su Ryu Category: Film & Animation Tags: Blu-Ray Dvd Collection Update Reviews And Recommendations The Divide Camelot 45th Anniversary Digibook edition Collector's limited oop Warner Bros 20th Century Fox Mill Creek Home Entertainment That 70s Show Bob's Burgers Season Well Go Usa Korean War South North Frontline Go-ji-jeon movie movies review reviews film war epic drama comedy post apocalyptic horror thriller animated cartoon show coming of age combo pack digital copy ultra violet slipcover trailer part top 10 remake one unboxing vlog

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Top 20 Horror Movies Of The Past Decade ( 2000's ; 2000 - 2009 )

Just my picks for the top 22 horror movies from the 2000's.

22) Borderland
21) Wrong Turn
20) Dead Snow ( Død snø )
19) Frailty
18) Identity
17) The Cell
16) Texas Chainsaw Massacre ; The Beginning
15) Pontypool
14) Rec / Quarantine
13) Planet Terror
12) Hatchet
11) Trick R Treat
10) Dawn Of The Dead
9) The Ring / Ringu
8) Orphan
7) Jeepers Creepers
6) 30 Days Of Night
5) American Psycho
4) The Descent
3) 28 Days Later
2) Inside ( À l'intérieur )
1) Let The Right One In ( Låt den rätte komma in )
Film & Animation
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